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| Daxton Watson

Now that it is time for you to move and you have found the proper company to help you with the job, it is time to start making the necessary preparations for the completion of the project.

Packing is the most responsible part of every domestic removal, and you should not take it lightly. Unless you have hired professionals to handle the task for you, there will be a need for some time to be set aside in order to get everything prepared and carried out properly.

The initial preparation

The preparations for your packing should begin at least a month prior to your actual moving date. Before you get the boxes, you first have to decide which items, clothes and other personal assets you are going to take with you at the new place. It is better to get rid of all unnecessary junk and even have a house clearance team collect the junk and remove it from your household for you. Make sure to get rid of all old appliances, broken down furniture, out-dates pieces of technology and of course clothes that are no longer fitting you – or out of fashion. You can either throw them away, recycle, donate or sell them online. The opportunities are truly countless.

Now that things are sorted out…

…it is time for you to purchase the removal boxes that you are going to need in order to complete the packing process. Remember, no matter how many boxes you are sure that you are going to need, it is always a good idea to actually buy ten percent more. It is always better to have a bit more supplies than to turn out that you are short at the last moment. Do not forget to get labeling materials as well, because as you may very well know all boxes should be properly marked with their content, the room in which they are supposed to go as well as a special warning if there is something fragile inside.

Other packing tips you are going to benefit from

Empty BoxesIt is very important that you do not attempt to tackle the whole packing process at once. It is an impossible task, so instead just try to finish one room at  a time. The first day pack the living room, then the kitchen and the bathroom, the bedroom and so on and so forth. Remember to never move on to another room unless you are finished with the one you are currently working on.

Get the whole family involved in the process. Make the kids help out too. It will be a great and bonding experience and it will even help you lessen the stress of the whole removal.

Do not forget to pack essentials separately – those are the items that you are going to need in the first couple of days at the new place, before you have had the chance to unpack all boxes.

And last but not least – just have fun. It is a new life that is waiting for you at the end of your removal, and it is an exciting opportunity!