Storage Services

Having the best removal services out there is crucial when the time to relocate comes. Seek our professional help both for commercial relocations and domestic removals. Our company has plenty of experience in this business and we really cover every aspect of the process. You simply need to call us and rest assured that your goods will be in safe hands. Especially during a long distance removals careful approach towards items is essential. Many times customers are unable to put their goods anywhere as we perform full end of tenancy cleaning or rubbish removal. If you seek to store your goods for the time being then simply do it with us. Our offers are among the lowest in terms of pricing and by far the most convenient ones.

Our polite customer support team will take you through the process. They will explain everything related to duration costs, conditions etc. After you make a booking a van will deliver your items to our storage facility. Get as much info as needed.

Being responsible is one of our key traits

Our well-trained personnel is on your disposal 24/7 on the site. You can constantly call and check up on your items but you really do not need to worry at all. We have an outstanding manager who always has your back. Any type of information concerning you will be transmitted instantly. We keep a close eye on power outages and other unexpected events. So if you have temperature sensitive goods we will be able to take care of them. You can store:

  • Household items
  • Office equipment
  • Valuables
  • Documents

Storage servicesHygiene is something that goes without saying but we will mention it anyway. We maintain very clean storage units and everything is completely spotless. We care about the condition of your goods as they are storaged at our place and you will quickly see it. Pest control is an integral part of any storage facility and we are constantly on top of it. Don’t worry about cockroaches or critters of any sort. Pests can do quite the damage to boxes and goods and this is why we prioritise pest control heavily. Our company works ‘closely with pest control professionals and we sanitise our units monthly.

Size does matter and this is why we have spacious units in order for you to store even the most capricious goods. We can even fit large commercial machinery and big pieces of furniture. Security is also a vital factor and this is why we have cameras and security guards. Only authorized personnel can enter.

Simple and straightforward booking process

You can rent easily and quickly one or several of our storage units without any prior reservation. We can offer you both exterior and interior storerooms, which are under round the clock surveillance by our diligent and skilled security personnel. Your unit/s will be locked with your own padlock/s and only you will have access to them, unless there is an emergency. Bear in mind that we have fitted our storeroom with top of the line environmental control systems. Vacating our storage units is as easy as booking them, you just have to give us a 7 days’ notice (14 days for extra-large storerooms).

The best price you can possibly get

Our clients often rely on our professional storage services in London in combination with our moving or furniture collection solutions since our rates are unbelievably affordable. Even if you decide to rent one of our largest storage units, you will easily fit into your budget thanks to our transparent and clear pricing policy.

Our reliable storage service comes with many perks

Apart from enjoying low prices, you will also have the chance to get a comprehensive insurance coverage. Our polite professionals can also transport your furniture and belongings to our modern storage facility with the company’s new-generation vehicles.

Storage facilityThe City of London is one of the 33 local authority districts in London but it is not a borough. The local authority here is known as The Corporation and it is headed by the Lord Mayor of the City of London. The City is a centre of the financial and commercial world. It was established as a port for the purposes of trading on the River Thames during the Roman presence. Information and some relics could be found in the tremendous British Museum. A lot of visitors come here every day to see works dedicated to history, art and culture.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is arguably the most famous building in the City of London. The construction of the edifice began during the 13th century and ended during the second half of the 17th century. The cathedral was consecrated in 1697. It is built in the English Baroque architectural style.

Our business is set in London. Since the English capital has an incredibly diverse population, local restaurants and street markets offer a wide selection of food and drinks from all over the world. Three of the largest such markets include Brockley Market, Venn Street Market, as well as Brixton Market.