Single Item Removals

While most man & van London companies offer single item removals, very few provide the most adequate and affordable solutions to their clients. Get Man and Van is a trusted London firm that will never try to trick you in an effort to get more money out of you. That is why, if you hire us, you will enjoy professionalism of an inimitable kind.

Reliable single item removals in London

Regardless of whether we are working on a full house removal project or on a single item moving job, we always give 100% of ourselves. Get Man and Van is incredibly well-equipped to organize the relocation of single items of a varying height, weight and shape. Our thorough and competent staff can be hired for single item removal projects involving:

  • Outdoor items (barbecue, outdoor table, patio furniture)
  • Regular furniture (dining table, bed, sofa, wardrobe)
  • Office furniture (shelve, conference table, filing cabinet)
  • Large electrical goods (freezer, dryer, dishwasher, fridge)

We have just the right moving vans

Safe single item removals in LondonGet Man and Van owns a massive armada of moving vehicles that come in an impressive range of dimensions. Many of our transit vans are small-sized which makes them ideal for single item removals. All of our trucks are maintained in a very clean condition and regularly undergo technical checkups, which means that your possession will travel in the safest possible manner. To make things even more risk-free, we will secure your item as soon as it is loaded onto the van. Even though our vehicles are small, they have numerous protection features among which are professional furniture pads, flat straps, moving trolleys and many more.

Special single item removals are also available

You can trust Get Man and Van even with your priciest and most unique personal belongings, because we also offer top notch removals of special items. Our motivated and courteous team in of professionals in London is trained to move items like:

  • Aquariums
  • Pianos
  • Hi-tech equipment
  • Pool tables

Before your valuable possession is loaded onto the van, our mover will diligently and meticulously pack it with professional materials. Also, we can give you an extra peace of your mind by providing you with pocket-friendly special item insurance.

Since single item removal jobs do not require much planning and preparation, Get Man and Van takes same-day bookings. In most of the cases, we can organize and complete the entire process within hours after you contact us.

Fairly rate single-item deliveries in London

Single item relocationWe are highly praised for providing reasonably priced single-item removals in London. We form our service fees by using a moving cost calculator, which permits us to take into consideration the one of kind parameters of each job. This means that you can benefit from our assistance without having to break bank, as we will certainly be able to accommodate your budget. Our flexible prices allow us to maintain an excellent balance between the quality of our moving options and our service fees. We also offer amazing discounts and you can learn more about them by contacting our friendly and knowledgeable customer advisors.

Available all over London

Similar to every other service listed in our versatile portfolio, our competitively priced single item moving services in London can be booked by clients living in any part of Greater London. That is because we have seasoned teams in all major districts in the English capital.

We promise to provide you with fast single item removals because we use highly innovative moving vans and trucks. All of our vehicles have GPS tracking systems and are in the hands of vetted drivers. Even if you want us to transport the item to the other side of London, the entire process will be carried out in a time-efficient manner.

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