How to Prepare a Painting for Moving

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| Daxton Watson

The right piece of artwork can add a great character to any home. That is especially true if the art hanging on your wall was created by some famous painter or simply made by a friend or family member that is very close to your heart. But when it comes to moving such fine art, one needs to be extra careful not to cause damage to it. Both a painting’s value and beauty can be easily spoilt by strong light, inadequate storages and stains. However, if you pack and handle it correctly, you will avoid all of these risks. To do that, you will need:

  • Picture moving boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Moving tape
  • Packing peanuts or paper

Wrap like a pro

Start by finding a large flat surface on which you can place and pack the painting or paintings, like a living room’s floor or a big dining table. Carefully unhang each piece of art and put them on the working surface you have selected. Ask a friend to give you a hand if they are too large or heavy. If the paintings’ frame includes glass, stick lines of tape in the shape of an ‘X’ over the glass. In that way, if it breaks the pieces of glass will not scatter in the box and tear the artwork. Put bubble wrap or packing paper around the painting for additional safety. Next, put the piece of art in a special painting or mirror cardboard box. You can purchase it from most man and van or removal companies in London. To prevent the item from moving and shifting in the box during the transportation process, put more bubble wrap, packing peanuts or paper inside of it. Once you secure the painting, tape the moving box, label it as ‘Fragile’ and place it next to your other packed possessions that are also delicate.

Loading paintings in a moving van

brushesEven if you have packed the painting using professional materials, it can still be ruined when it is loaded on the truck or during its transit. That is why it is important that you secure it well in the van. The box must not shift during the transportation stage, so putting safety blankets on and around the box is always a wise thing to do. Also, do not put the painting flat on the moving van, as it will be more vulnerable to damages. Instead, place it on one of its sides and prevent it from moving by putting soft pillows on both of its sides.

Important storage tips

If you need to leave your artwork in a storage unit for some time, don’t leave it directly on the floor, but place it on another surface, like a shelf. Also, try to find a temperature-controlled storage room. Keeping a painting in a place that is too hot, cold or humid may destroy it. In case you have a large collection of valuable paintings, it is always best to rely on an experienced man and van firm, as it can help you pack, load and transport your art, as well as find you a suitable storage unit.