Packing for Storage vs Packing for a Move

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| Daxton Watson

If you have decided to leave some of your furniture and personal possessions in a storage facility when you move house, you will need to pack your items well. You probably know that already, but you may not be aware of the fact that packing belongings for a storage and packing for a move each require the application of two different strategies. That is because you will unpack the moving boxes a few hours or days after you relocate, while the storage boxes will remain stacked in a dark storage unit for months or even years. As a result, you will need to worry about factors like:

  • Dust
  • Mould
  • Smart use of space

To prevent your possessions and furniture from getting damaged during the storage period, you will need to pack them in a specific way.

Dustproof everything

One of the main problems when storing belongings is that they accumulate a lot of dust. It can cause great damage to your books, furniture, electronics and etc. since it has abrasive qualities and it holds moisture, which can easily lead to the formation of mould. The good news is that there are a couple of great tricks that will help you prevent your items from getting dusty. First, use packing tape to seal the boxes well. In addition to that, you can also cover them with a cloth or a large piece of packing paper when you arrange them in the storage room.

Keep away the mould

Cardboard boxEven if you rent a climate-controlled storage unit, mould is almost certain to cause major damages to your belongings if they are not packed correctly. The main rule here is quite simple – do not use plastic or bin bags. In fact, do not use bags of any kind. They can easily be torn and can also create a perfect environment for the formation of mould since they often offer limited or no ventilation at all. Instead, rely on regular cardboard boxes. Put packing paper between the items when stacking them or wrap them with it. Also, do not store items that still have liquids in them. This means that you will need to drain your washing machine, dishwasher, fridge and other home appliances in this category. If you want to keep machines in the storage room like a chainsaw or a whole motorcycle, for instance, make sure they do not have fuel in their tanks.

Use storage space smartly

Last, but not least, use the space in the storage unit like a true pro. Disassemble every piece of furniture no matter how small or light it is. That will save you a lot of room. However, put the bolts and nuts in special containers if you do not want to lose them. Also, avoid using more than two types of boxes. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to stack them properly. Still, do use wardrobe boxes for your clothes to prevent them from losing their shape.

Follow these tips and your belongings will remain in a top condition for a very long time.