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| Daxton Watson

It is most people’s dream to one day move to a large place. They want to have large houses, big estates and to always have a lot of room. Why is that? Well it is simply in our own nature. Having large things in general, not just homes, makes us feel successful and overall better. Until we get to this point, however we often need to deal with smaller apartments or accommodations and surprisingly it is not an issue. Do youknow when it becomes an issue? Once we move in to our larger home we never want to go back to the tiny space we used to inhabit once. But during our student years we think that this small room for which we pay rent is our castle.

Not only the floor space is usable in a room

In this article we will focus on how to fully take advantage of our small room in case we are forced to live in such a place. Usually students in universities are the ones which need to live in single rooms. Often times they are even forced to share this space with someone else. We will not dabble into the human aspect of things and how you should communicate with your roommate so that the both of you can feel good. No, we will only talk about managing the area and having as many things as you wish and still being able to move free around without tripping into stuff.

Small Living RoomThe most important part is the bed followed by a desk or a table (or both) and then a wardrobe. Moving all those things or buying them brand new can be challenging and this is why seeking the help of a man and van company might be a bright idea. Most removal companies to customised student relocations and they will even give you a fair deal. Many times furniture assembling is part of the service and if you can get it, don’t hesitate for even one second.

Obviously you wouldn’t want to go for a king size bed. Get a normal one and a wardrobe with shelves, not only a rail for hangers. This way you can fold clothes there and even put away your beddings. If you do not have a shared kitchen you might want to consider buying your own fridge and tucking it into one of the corners.

Buy shelves. This is the best piece of advice we can give you regarding inhabiting small rooms. You can put only so many things on the floor and using the walls is a genius idea. You will be able to stack your books there, maybe put some decorations. If you want to have a TV then putting in on a wall stand is the way to go. Bowls and other appliances can also rest there. These shelves do not even need to have doors. Of course in this case a little more extra dusting will be in order.